Monday, April 4, 2011


My friend, Pat, is at home in my studio. She always winds up at this table, in this very same space.

What a pleasure to give her the gift of time and place for creating. This time she came for 5 days. I love observing her steady growth as an artist, happening year by year.

We continued where we left off last year with collage & moved right along. Pat made a conscious decision to put aside any glossy pictures to design into the collages and build designs with painted papers and found objects.

One design challenge was to choose an image out of my big box of pictures and use it to inspire a minimal collage that captures the essence of the chosen image.

Pat picked this postcard of David Hockney's acrylic, 2 Deck Chairs. I love what she created! Her own version of "Deck Chairs" (after David Hockney).

I took videos of Pat talking about her collage work. I'll post once I get them into IMovie.

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