Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This was at end of the day. Yesterday.

So OK. Now what? Do I like what I see? Not sure. I think it needs to go up on the work wall. Seeing the piece at more of a distance usually helps.

Not a good time to continue and be objective. My mind is on getting ready for the Boston seminar.

Challenge of today is moving clips of my friend, Jens doing art in Niger, from VCR tapes into my Mac and then on to a disc.

You can do this yourself now!! Nelson bought Video Capture@ Apple store.


  1. I am inspired by your confidence as you face challenges whether artistic, technological, or personal. This photo is perfect!

  2. thanks Marie-I'm actually hanging out there w/less confidence than it looks!
    But trusting the process. I went through this with all my quilts-not really sure where they were going. Now I am posting for the world to see the struggle !
    Moved a couple houses around this morning! I'll take a photo later.