Saturday, April 9, 2011


A very joy-filled Marcia, as you see in the photos, rose to every art challenge I threw out there. Essence became the design term of the week.

She did it! Marcia left with a carry-on filled with new artwork + a head & note pad overflowing with ideas.

Marcia traveled all the way from Seattle to come work with me in the studio for one week. Her heart beats like mine-desiring to use her art in faith-based venues cross-culturally. Her 'story' is a powerful one - that will resonate with the women she meets and works with in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Marcia is a great artist, an eager learner, a woman of strong faith & a new dear friend that I poured into all week. I am filled with anticipation as I follow her journey ahead! I wonder how she will use all that she has learned this past week?

Before leaving, Marcia set up the studio like an art gallery & I caught her on video talking about her work. Click here: Marcia's Gallery Talk
video: I'm still learning

Marcia is now in Nicaragua & she's blogging: Creative Call Nicaragua

Marcia & Marge • Marcia pointing to Nelson on a rare sighting!

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