Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My friend Martha is local. Well make that 40 minutes from here. With a full time job it's a treat to have Martha carve out a weekend to come on over.

I love having her come to visit. We have so much to talk about! And of course there's the creating up in the studio.

This time she had 24 hours to hang out and create. Martha brought along a handmade book made by and given to her by Pat, who I blogged about in the last post. She was about to collage on the first page!

Martha staked out the IKEA desk. Though It was covered with clutter, she pushed it all aside and got down to work! Martha's space was like a perch, overlooking the great room below.

I love the the page she designed. What is it about the red, black and white against the paperbag brown? I love it!!!! And I love her minimal design - 9 well chosen images cut into squares and put together forming a larger square. Dynamite! Then we 3 friends signed her page. Well done Marth!


  1. Son worked some magic on my computer and now I can see your videos! Loved your story about Rain. Hope you'll do more!

  2. Marcia-thank you. this must be Tech Guy-to your rescue! The books really are fun to make and the movies too.!