Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Had good intentions of painting gesso on canvas this morning to make snowy ground. Found some I painted a couple years ago. I liked the weight of the fabric & effect of the white gesso w/pale cream canvas peeking through. Thinking this will be the snow covered ground all the way through the story. Maybe.

Got everthing set up but time got away from me and it never happened. But I did take a photo of my snow fabric to show you. I'll be using these in the sky but more to it than that. Should be fun. My pile of white on whites would not show so they're not on the photo.

What did take my attention was working on the Sketchbook Project 2011 web profile page - uploading a portfolio of 12 pieces with info about each. Took all afternoon. Here's my book, RAIN. Not sure I ever showed the completed cover. I need to send it down to NYC very soon. Scanned all the pages the other day. This project got my attention today. Click for process of making RAIN.


  1. Love those fabrics! You'll have to tell me where you shop. I sure like fabric snow better than the real variety. Are you tired of it yet?

  2. I haven't shopped for quite a while. I use so little and I'm painting papers and canvas it seems. But best places to shop are the quilt shows-with all the vendors. Google for skydyes. She does the hand painted.
    I am waiting for the next storm but hoping you get out on Sat.!