Sunday, January 16, 2011


An ongoing sharing of past art experiences. These eventually led to inspiring my current project - the Snow Book. No time to work on it now. Back to collaging snow at end of month.

Heaven Bound * is a quilted fabric accordion book, designed for classes I taught in Zelenogorsk, Russia in 1996.

2 pages of 'snow' created with some of the same fabric & techniques I plan on using in the Snow Book. 11 pgs, each pg 7"x7"

*Actual title is Heaven Bound. Russian translation on cover is Pathway to Heaven. Translating into other languages is never as straight forward as one might think. This was the closest a Russian friend could get to the original. The Russian front page is actually a separate piece velcroed over the actual front page which reads Heaven Bound.


  1. I absolutely love your new header. Makes me want to cozy up to a fire with hot chocolate and a good book.

  2. Me too Barb-think I will !
    Thanks for commenting :-)