Monday, January 10, 2011


spreading out

14 blank pages.

14 snowy sky fabrics

day into night

descriptive words

how to begin?

trusting the process


  1. You are SO tidy. I'm not sure you'll feel comfortable in my messy space. I'm lovin' this little book of snow. As I drove over the pass this afternoon I was amazed once again at how beautiful snow is in God's world. Blue skies were in sharp contrast to the snow covered conifers and in one place half a dozen tall skinny snow-white firs stood silhouetted against the blue. Ingredible.

  2. Maybe I should post the mess on the other side of the room! But really-I can not think in the middle of a mess. Don't worry about your 'messy' space! We all work differently.
    How great you can drive a bit to see some snow! More is coming our way tonight = more inspiration on the way!