Sunday, January 2, 2011


Our time in the back of beyond, was coming to a close. We had been in the country 2 weeks, presenting to groups in 3 cities. Now we were back in the city where we started the trip.

We just gave our final presentation to an NGO group at one of their homes. After dinner & conversation, traditional style around the dinner cloth on the floor, it was time to go. We needed to get up the next morning at 3am to start the long journey home.

When saying goodbys to our friends at the door, the NGO's daughter appeared. "I made this. It's the houses. It's for you!!" Indeed it was!

In each of the 3 cities I spent time showing my art work to the children of the NGO workers. This young lady saw the quilts & collages on the front end of our trip. She was inspired by all the little house collages made with painted papers. Creating her own painted papers with watercolors & some crayoning, she designed the delightful street scene you see above. (click to enlarge) What an unexpected & gratifying surprise to see she had been inspired & motivated to create. And she gave it to me! Maybe I'll frame it ! With it comes alot of memories.

A note came a couple days after arriving home. "_____was SO thankful and encouraged. She really valued your visit and saw what a difference it was making in peoples lives."

Our trip was about coming alongside of people, giving, sharing, encouraging, listening, caring & pouring into them. Purpose accomplished but not in our own strength, I assure you!

This post concludes my story to the back of beyond. Thanks for coming along. I've enjoyed sharing the journey with you.

A new journey begins tomorrow - in my studio. See you then!

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