Sunday, January 30, 2011


In SoCal last week. 2nd visit to the
Skirball Cultural Center in LA, a beautiful museum/gallery space. Wanted to see The 1000 Journals Project.

Found it to be very different from the Sketchbook Project 2011 which I recently participated in.

My personal observations? Great exhibit design & lots of creative hands-on for kids and adults.

After taking the photos I spent some time reading the journal pages. From across the room they were colorful and interesting.

Up close I found many of the journal pages to be dark, angry, hopeless & disturbing. The docent in the room volunteered a similar observation.

Makes me wonder what the Sketchbook Project 2011 - sketchbooks will look like.

We'll see in a few weeks when it opens in Brooklyn.


  1. A whole new side of art I never knew was out there.

  2. 1000 journals was so different. One worked in a journal and then passed it on to someone else, not necessarily an artist. I signed up for one of the journals and when I received it it had just a few pages worked in it. I did a 2 page spread and mailed it to the next person and sometime later it disappeared. It was never turned in, probably kept by someone who wanted it for themselves. I was disappointed. I think the journals were dark because the journalers were anonymous so they felt able to say anything they wanted to. I really hope the SP isn't like that.

  3. Barbara-artists are always coming up with new challenges!
    Jo-interesting tht you participated and then the book disappeared-I wondered how you knew that?
    Actually the whole 1000 journal approach, while in theory was very interesting/ actuality was in the end very disjointed & confusing. Yes, maybe dark because anonymous.
    On the other hand the sketchbook project we are in, is clearly defined with theme and one artist per. But I'm kind of expecting there will be a lot of darkness too in those. I think some of the profile shots the artists have used say alot & lean in that direction. I'll let you know.

  4. When 1000 Journals project started people were invited to participate and when you signed up you were assigned to a particular book, by number. I don't remember the number of the book I worked in but later when I went to the website to see uploaded photos of my book it was listed as lost. That was about the time I quit participating in projects like that... then SP lured me back

  5. There was a text box mounted on the wall-toward left on the back wall (2nd photo down) I wanted to take a picture of it but too small to read.
    BUT-Nelson reminded me that it said some were lost, some stolen, some left in resturants, in any of these cases they could be picked up and added to w/process continuing. BUT in the end, not all of them came back. Like yours :-0 Too bad.

  6. I decided long ago to let it go with open hands, hoping someone is enjoying the work in the book. It never pays to get upset over something like this.