Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Pulling together Quilts & Their Stories for Fri. @ the Watermark*. 2 of the quilts I'll be sharing, inspired by traveling, teaching & exhibiting at the International Festival of the Arts in Kunming, China

Warmth to My Soul in a Cool Time

Tai Chi in the Morning
*Lifecare Living in Southbury, CT


  1. I love the contrast of warms and cools in the warmth to my soul piece. So good. It does warm my soul! I'm going to work on a variation of that theme.
    Blessings! M

  2. Marcia-that is what a Chinese professor said to me at the conclusion of a cultural exchange the x-pat artists did with chinese professors. I had said that each of us is given a measure of raw artistic talent and it is up to us to take it and hone it and put time into working at being an artist. He came up to me after it was over and gave me a second set of his art cards and said that. The big event we were at came right on the heels of the major 'incident' in Belgrade & was almost canceled.
    That could have been why he said it or perhaps he was simply personally encouraged. thanks Marcia. Be inspired!