Thursday, November 18, 2010

STORIES ON THE ROPE childhood was very happy
...then the war
...this was the depression
...and this was Pearl Harbor mother died in childbirth
...there was no work-we moved father died in Auschwitz
...I liked playing in the dirt with my brother's friends
...Hitler came & it was bad for a long time
...I went to college
...we were poor mother wanted me
to study to get a job
...we went to a lake in Hungary
...I had 3 careers
...we had a wonderful life

Making & sharing their story ropes today at the Watermark. My reward was hearing their stories. They did not know each others life history before today.


  1. How incredibly moving. You are so blessed with talent and a loving heart. I'm thinking about where I could do this... I'm sure the experience would benefit anyone who participates.

  2. A generation of survivors. How good that they got to hear each other's stories! You sound really blessed Marge.

  3. Thank you both and yes it would benefit anyone. For the next time I'm going back to mostly/ribbons. For some of the seniors it was very confusing to have so much on the table and to cut the fabric strips was hard. Actually it was confusing for me! It would also be a whole lot easier for me to organize-pack up.I think a variety of colored ribbons, lace, rick-rack etc would be better. It is also easier to figure out a color for a mood/event w/ribbons than the fabrics. I'll be doing this for the next 3 weeks so it will be ethnic fabric and ribbons.

  4. This is wonderful, Marge. Bravo. How healing for the seniors. Blessings on your head.