Friday, November 12, 2010


The presentation at the Watermark was great! Joy entered hearts through color, design & story. My dear friend, Leah 85 yrs. young !, invited all her friends from the Watermark and from our study group. Over 45 came and this is was during nap time! She said it was the most she'd ever seen at an afternoon presentation!

One couple were people I knew from 20 years ago-they are 95 now. They had looked forward to this day for weeks. They sat in the front row and smiled throughout. JOY!

Another couple were particuarly special to have in the group. A lovely woman(in her 50's), who had been an artist, is in the final stages of MS. What loving care she receives from her husband. And what a joy to bring joy into her life! I reminded them about the story rope workshop next week. I said, "you have a story to tell" and she said, "yes I do". I think they will come.

Throughout I talked about my spiritual journey, which is so connected to the quilts & their stories. Many came up to say how much they were so encouraged & uplifted. I smiled and said that was why I came. It brought me great joy to bring them joy. I really needed that.

Here's 2 more Postcards From Kunming that I showed. Aerial Rice Paddies & Fruit For a Friend.


  1. What a wonderful experience for all! Would you consider giving a talk at my mom's new place, The Hearth (in Southbury)?

  2. Will do in the new year-Lori.
    It was wonderful, Kathaleen!

  3. I just love your work and wish you could live next door to me.

  4. Thanks so much, Marcia! It is so fun to share what brings me great joy!