Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I'm in California now. I never ceased to be surprised by the contrast in landscape between the LA area and the northeast where I'm from. The hills here are brown - they have been for some months now. At home we live in lush green much of the year. Beauty on both coasts in different color-ways.
We passed the canyons to the west as we traveled up from LAX. And beyond those brown canyons is the sea - colors for another day.


  1. You chose a good time to be away! Nothing but rain here. Yes, there is beauty in them there brown hills. Enjoy!

  2. so I heard-of course it is sunny and dry here. They did have 2 weeks of rain-we were here for the start of it several weeks ago-very unusual. o as I looked out this morning I noted that the hills are not as brown as I thought-they did green up a bit.