Monday, May 3, 2010

Telling Stories With Fabric, Ribbons & Buttons

"If that was the only thing I did in Kosovo, it would have been worth it." Melinda Elliot talking about her experience using the story rope with the mostly Albanian team during her 3 wks. in Kosovo. (top photo)

The smiles on the women's faces belie the earlier 1 1/2 hrs. of tearful sharing about their life stories. Although this team has been together for two years, the women were able to openly talk about things that they had never shared with each other. (lower photo)

The story rope, like a personal time line, was a catalyst to sharing. Made with local materials - the buttons & ribbons were thoughtfully chosen & tied to a strip of fabric in an order representing a sequence of events. If willing, participants were invited to tell their story using the rope. Melinda holding her own story rope she made in Kosovo to demonstrate how to do the project. (top photo)

This creative activity released each storyteller from the deep burden she had silently carried alone and brought a new level of openness, understanding, & empathy between team members. So simple yet so powerful!
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  1. Our ladies were really blessed. Thanks Melinda for all your heart commitment to bless and support our ladies. You know how much you are appreciated. Thanks Marge for your ministry and willingness to share and bless our team.

    Any thoughts on men ropes that would make us cry about our past hurts and wounds? Or is it unbiblical to do that:)!