Tuesday, May 25, 2010


First California inspired collage almost finished. Need to sew on the sun, tack on the road, one more roof, maybe a pink bat star at waters edge.

Before stopping for the day I pulled out an accordion fold book I made a while ago. Thinking of using it in the California series, I recently painted one side yellow.

It's waiting for collages to span across the 12 pages. I'll work on this next. Maybe a series of sunny
California days in the neighborhood? The creative process continues...

Collages inspired by a recent trip to sunny California.


  1. Nice!!! THis is coming along so beautifully! Love to see the process...and imitating it tonight! I have scraps of yellow-painted everything all over my apartment! And the accordion book is prepared...although I'm not sure if I want to gesso and paint, or collage on paper...or do BOTH!~

  2. mARGE ...This is looking so good..love the juicy colors!

  3. one thing i can say about our sun. it is very inspiring. especially coupled with scrub oaks among brown wavy grasses undulating like a lions mane.

  4. Add creative writer to the list of 'who is Jess".