Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Circuitous Route

"Focusing on a series of creations furthers the process of emanation. Images emerge from one another & build upon their predecessors."
Trust the Process by Shaun McNiff pg. 38

This creative process is taking quite a circuitous route! OK what are we looking at?

I love creating houses! This green house is one of the 5 random house images (refresh page to see all 5) on the home page of my website. http://www.margemalwitz.com/ Getting ready to make more houses.

Yesterday painted watercolor paper scraps & the second side of an unfinished accordion fold book with yellow acrylics. Getting ready for collage.

Started working on a series inspired by the drive we took home from the beach in CA -
beach, canyons & home.

The 3 yellow unfinished paintings will stay on the ledge for a while. I'll return to them after I learn some things in this emanation process.

To be continued.......


  1. I love the bright, energetic colors...can't wait to see the final "emanation"!

  2. The bottom photo looks like an Eric Carle!

  3. Thanks friends. What fun it is to work a design out in different ways-there's a lot of right answers. Similar to Eric Carle, I love the hard edge graphic look, brilliantly colored/painted papers and white space. But I also use fabric, stitching, rubber stamps, photos, metallic threads and other stuff. Sure is fun!