Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fiddling & Diddling

Taped flattened bags back onto masonite supports.

I'm not a painter in the classic way - painting the picture/ design directly onto a surface, but I do love painting acrylics on high quality water color papers to cut up & use to create my pictures.

Decided to throw aside the direct painting approach I started the project with & go with collage. Did a little more work on the 3: glued a square of acrylic painted paper to no. 1.; added texture to no. 2 by printing painted carpet scraps; on no 3. I drew four squares with oil sticks and added texture around the border with carpet scrap printing.

After lunch I returned to play with shapes and colors AKA: fiddling & diddling*. Not there yet-still playing.

To be continued on Monday.

*One of the most essential skills of the artist can be likened to what carpenters call "fiddling & diddling," moving materials around until they find their place. From TRUST THE PROCESS An Artist's Guide to Letting Go by Shaun McNiff pg. 37

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