Wednesday, June 13, 2012


A final post about Marcia's third book, Drink of a Lifetime.

She made all the pages when she came for her studio week here in CT and put the pages into an accordion book she created once she gt home.

Marcia has created a whole series of wonderful Bible story books. They are so easy to pack into her suitcase - small, compact and so engaging!

Marcia will be taking Drink of a Lifetime to Nicaragua this summer when she returns, having been there a year ago. The women in the village are going to love this colorfully illustrated story.

I'm sending you two posts on Marcia's blog. She's thought so much about the story of the woman at the well, that it's best for you to read her reflections on the story.

2 links to Marcia's storytelling:

Genuine Love

Finished Book

photos w/titles of pages 3, 5, 6

"With These Hands"

"The Men in Her Life"

"Bursting with Love"

Read Marcia's blog about her 2011 trip to Nicaragua:

Creative Call Nicaragua

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