Thursday, June 21, 2012


I was getting ready for the little artists today. Perhaps I'll call them the little artist-illustrators. I'm looking forward to creating more picture books with them and wanted to add more color in their room!

I put some of their favorite picture books on the shelves. Lots of reading ahead! A couple of fun puppets are up there too.

The large piece of art on the top shelf is a collage titled, Busy Bridges. This was a fast art project I did for a show we had at Walnut Hill. It's made with African fabrics, buttons, painted papers and 3 photos.

What makes the piece special is that it is a little collaboration between Zach and myself. Those are Zach's very creative bridges that he made with blocks when he was younger.

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  1. Delightful, Marge. Something tells me that you buy books for the color as well as for the story.
    What a wonderful activity to do with your grands. Perhaps they'll each turn out to be great storytellers.