Sunday, June 10, 2012


My friend, Martha, came on Saturday with Heather and Angela, who are interested in working creatively with fabrics and sewing.

Last summer Martha, Heather and Angela went on an outreach to the Dominican Republic, where they taught girls how to make simple quilts.

In July Martha and Angela will return to the DR to teach the sewing girls, but this time - how to let go and be creative!

They came to my studio to be inspired. Our afternoon was one big 'show and tell' beginning with looking at all the framed art quilts on the 1st and lower floors. (top photo looking at the Creation quilt)

Then up to the studio to look at more art quilts and collages, as we talked about design, inspiration, materials and techniques. (Middle photo: They liked Postcards from Kunming click for quilt series & story. Bottom photo: showing Moroccan Dye Vats.)

I wonder what great work will perk out of their afternoon here, as they teach the sewing girls in the DR to let go and get creative!

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