Sunday, June 3, 2012


This is Marcia's first accordion fold collage book, made on her recent visit:
"Rejoicing Even In The Rain." And she is, though battling stage 4 cancer every day.

"Today, I continued to work on a variety of design concepts for new collaged art/story books. I've been wanting to collage the idea of God rejoicing over us with singing, and the aspect of birds who sing, even in the rain. Similarly, I wanted to portray, in the art, the idea of God singing over us, even in the rain or in a dark hole - during the dark parts of our stories." From Marcia's blog post 5/17/12:

click on images to enlarge
When you look at the enlarged completed book, do you see the tiny bit of red here and there across the pages, catching your eye and moving you across the picture story? Great design and use of color, Marcia! It works!

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