Saturday, March 13, 2010

Story Ropes in Rwanda

For those who asked for more details about the Rwanda experience, here are 2 workshop pics. (top) Beginning to demo how to create the story rope at a class in western Rwanda. In the back are my original quilts also used to help them process their stories. (bottom) I'm surrounded by the World Relief staff with their newly created story ropes.

For more about this experience, link to my website at the bottom of ABOUT ME. Go to >The Journey >Rwanda.

Stations #11 update: more cutting and pasting; pushing around buttons; waiting on Pat for French translation.


  1. Love that you've found this creative medium to share your work, Marge. Just took a look at the Rwanda pics on your website. Excellent.

  2. Martha-this is so fun - like writing a short book chapter each day. You inspired me to do this-and Kath too.