Monday, March 15, 2010

Sewing on Buttons

Spread out on the dining room table today, working on Station #11 Jesus Nailed to the Cross. Sewing dark buttons on the crosses, symbolizing our griefs, our sorrows & our sins.

Not easy getting a needle through the heavily collaged and painted pages, so I used a hammer and pin to tap holes in the pages before sewing the buttons on with embroidery thread.


  1. Oh need my little scrapbooking tool kit...comes with awls, needles, hammer and different size tappers to easily make holes thru all my layered papers...think it's by Memory Makers...use this little kit for a myriad of projects...saves my finger tips too!

  2. Kath-brilliant-Next time at Michael's I'm getting that. Can you tell I'm self taught and ham-boning my way along!?