Sunday, March 7, 2010


Here I am in my studio painting gesso on the front and back of the book, preparing the surface for acrylics and collage.

You might be wondering about the art work behind me. To the left is a table runner I'm working on using Marimekko fabrics. On the ledge to the right are pieces for the Ports of Color show. I'll share more about these projects in upcoming posts.

Back to the Station #11 project. Once the surface is dry, I refolded the accordion book and pressed it under some heavy art books.

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  1. Marge, finally you've begun to chronicle your work via a blog. Already the page is filled with MMalwitz color, creativity, and mission. I love it--and your art--and you! I look forward to checking in often.(Not sure about the profile for comment so for now I'm anonymous. . .sort of)