Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Story ropes-Kosovo & Painting-STATIONS

Melinda Elliott came over this afternoon to learn more about the story ropes we made with the genocide survivors in Rwanda. She'll be using the idea in Kosovo with women who lived through the horrors of ethnic cleansing.

The story rope is a simple project done with fabrics, buttons and ribbons purchased in local markets. Creating a rope has helped many survivors begin to process the damaging emotions holding them hostage. On the table I'm showing the Rwandan materials and a story rope made by one of the women in our class.

Earlier in the day I painted more watercolor paper scraps with acrylics. Expect to begin the Stations #11 collages tomorrow. The painted papers are drying on the tables behind us.


  1. wow. this is amazing. i'd love to hear the stories of these amazing women. are there more detailed pictures of the ropes?

  2. Yes-I'll get to that. And will have Melinda send me some picts to post after Kosovo trip. Gotta move on the Paris show art. Everything takes time-thanks for following.