Saturday, February 22, 2014


Continuing about the new snow book.  My grandson only had time to make 2 pages for the new snow story.  Kittykee is in both. This is one of the two.
I had in mind that the pictures made by my three grandkids would work into a new story. But I held the process loosely, having no story in mind.  So the 9 snow pages they made were done randomly - inspired by the materials I brought: snow fabric squares - prepared ahead, rubber stamped images (Kittykee) and painted papers.  We did not talk about story direction.  

In earlier books, Kittykee is the main character. It was not going to happen in this new book with only 2 Kittykee pictures pages. We did have 2 new characters, Sparkle and Bella though.  Keep up with future posts to see how the new snow story develops.

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