Monday, January 27, 2014


Our grandson's latest book, The Kitty Food Machine, was just published by Blurb.
It is his 5th book! There it is with all the others!
I do art with our grandchildren. The art is usually a book. On our last visit to see Zach and his family, he made this book, The Kitty Food Machine.  Like the others in his Kittykee Series, the collaged scenes and story are all his work and ideas. I bring the painted papers, rubber stamped images (i.e. cats), accordion books, glue sticks and scissors.  Our grandkids need very little help, if at all!  So really I don't 'do' any art with them, I usually just sit back and enjoy watching them create.  Back our house, we scan each page, put it into Blurb's BookSmart program, send it off over the internet and a couple days later the published book arrives at our door. We'll be giving Zach his copy real soon.

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