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PIURA, PERU First Some Local Color

Piura, Peru at Piura Norte  
February 14, 2014

Meet Brenda, our friend up in Piura, about an hour+ north of Lima by plane. Brenda works with the Piura Norte Allianza church through the organization TEAM.  

It was a lot of fun to work with Brenda, definitely a highlight of my trip to Peru!  We'd been planning our visit with her and the women she works with, for a couple months - on skype and email.

Brenda had a very special-in town retreat planned for the women at the church.  We would be teaching Encontrando a Dios en La Historia de Tu Vida -  Finding God in the Story of Your Life - using the Story Rope. 

We had a nice dinner that first evening in Piura and the next morning.visited Catacaos, a nearby craft town. 

Catacaos was filled with local color to photograph in every direction. Cathy took my iPad and had fun capturing the imagery.

Brenda took us to the jewelry shop that she thought had different things than most of the shops. 

Yes they did!!!!!!!

I took off my colorful glasses, wanting to make sure what I picked, went with them!

The rectangular  pendent is an Inca calendar!  Very cool!!! The other piece is made with minerals/stones found in Peru and put on a shell. Beautiful work! The chain was made up of old beads found in ruins around the country.

I am not a shopper at all - so this turned out to be a very special morning! Thank you, Brenda!!!

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