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Marge creating in Lucca, Italy. She & her friend, Marcia Carole, walked miles through inspiring & beautiful streets, churches & museums of Florence, Siena & Lucca. In Lucca they began to make Tuscan inspired art collages - on the wall surrounding the city, in a restored 14th century convent-now the Agora' & in a bookstore cafe. You can also follow their FB page Tuscany in the Studio on which both Marcia and Marge are posting their inspiring artistic journey.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

LIMA, PERU Why We Came

2/11/13   Our friend, Minina, took Cathy and I around LIma on our 2nd day in Peru. Our final stop was at the end of the great bay, wide open to the Pacific Ocean. This decorated cross with plastic Inca Kola bottles of now dead flowers at it's base, got my attention.  The whole 'picture' was so garish, hopeless, dead. It felt so distant from my own relationship with the living Son of God, Jesus.  

It reminded me of why we had come to Peru. To encourage  women with broken, heart breaking stories - with HOPE.  Jesus loves them. They matter to Him,  HE has been there all along for them.  These wonderful women are part of God's amazing love story!  

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Writing about Peru from Brazil.

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