Friday, March 8, 2013

PERU Teaching With Quilts

Writing about Peru from Rio de Janeiro. 

I taught with 2 quilts in Lima, Peru, with a great translator, Ruth.  Both are small and easy to travel with. Pathway to Healing was the first of the Rwanda quilts. click to see quilts  Rwanda experience click for pictured experience in Rwanda  (photo-teaching quilt in Lima)

The other, God's Story Rope is new, completed and photographed just a day before leaving. I use Pathway in the context of sharing my story rope. (see story rope around my neck in 3rd photo) 

God's Story Rope pictures hope, contained in the teaching that we are all in God's never ending love story. He loves us and has been with us in all our very dark times.  This quilt is a timeline of creation, the fall, the cross, resurrection and the present-all under God's always present golden story rope-His presence.
I am writing on 2 blogs about my trip to Peru and Brazil. Please take a look. The stories/blog posts on both blogs are different:

Our Stories (link) 

click on photos to enlarge. 
Good enlargement-professional photo of God's Story Rope quilt.

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