Monday, September 3, 2012


I always travel with art. At a minimum I have my small cards w/web addresses & postcards to give as gifts. All have colorful images of my artwork.

There is always someone who wants to know what I do. How do you begin to explain your artwork? Easy! A picture postcard says it all.

Martha and I will be visiting family friends in Paris. How great is that - to see Paris with friends who live there! They'll be introducing us to their friends & asked me to bring some art to share.

So once again there will be art in my suitcase and in Martha's suitcase as well. She'll be bringing along collages, artist books, photos, and posters of her work.

First order of business for me though is making a postcard. I always make a postcard to give away when we travel internationally and meet people.

I love doing this! For Paris I'll be giving it as a gift to our new friends & I want it to be in French.

We're designing it today, using one of the collages from the Currents series on sky & weather, Sun Showers Over Fields. It's rather impressionistic, my husband thinks. We're working on it.

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