Saturday, September 8, 2012


7 years old and about to have another story book published by Blurb: Kittykee and the Big Machine. (click for process).That's my grandson Zach! This is his 4th book in the Kittykee series! Front and back covers pictured.

My 5 yr old grand-daughter, Hailey, has a 2nd book ready for us to publish. We'll work on it after I get back. Meanwhile the kids in France will love her first book, KittyKee, Wolf and Friends (click to see process) Book cover pictured.

I'll be taking the 5 story books, by our grandkids, on the trip.

I look forward to taking pictures of the kids in Paris looking at Zach and Hailey's books.

Once I have all 5 books together and ready to go into my suitcase, I'll share them on the blog.

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