Thursday, May 24, 2012


Marcia was here last March 2011 to learn everything she could from me, about taking art cross culture. 

2 links that share the story of Marcia in my studio last year: start  conclusion

I kid her a lot about my passing the baton on to her, but really in a significant way, that is exactly what has happened. 

From my place she went on short term trips to Nicaragua, Hungary, and Cambodia, putting into practice all that she learned. 

She returned last week to continue the art mentoring, picking up where we left off.

A couple photos taken in my art studio, at the beginning of our week. 

Marcia's personal journey unfolds in the next posts. 


  1. Marge: Thanks for all you have done for Marcia. She adores you!!!! Don

  2. ....and I adore her! She is a pleasure to work with! Energy-wise she was boundless!