Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The doors are revolving faster than I can keep up with! 

Marcia has come, created and left on 5/21. I've fallen way behind documenting her time here.  Stay tuned to see the beautiful collaged accordion books she started here and is completing back in Seattle. 

A professional I know calls what happens in my studio - Salon. Sounds exotic. But really it all boils down to nonstop conversation, creating, encouragement and hanging out. 

Yesterday my friend, Pat (recently returned from 3 months leading an art school in Italy) and her brother, Chef Pierre (actually Peter) entered the salon!  And took over the kitchen!

As Pat and I created, Peter read excerpts from the latest novel he's writing. Captivating! Now that really does have the ring of salon. 

top down:
Marcia; Pat/Peter: Peter/Marge: Peter/Pat  

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