Saturday, August 20, 2011


On thursday afternoon, my Indian friend, came over to do her story rope.

She told me her life story the last time she was over. It was so culturally different from my own. It had 2 distinct parts - the years lived in India and the years lived here in the US after she married.

All we had a chance to do last time was cut a very long strip of filmy orange sari fabric. Orange, the color on her flag.

On thursday she cut ribbons & sari fabric strips to tie to the filmy orange 'rope'. Even how she assigned color choices to communicate each segment of her life story were exotic & unfamiliar to me.

It was fascinating sitting with my friend, listening once again to her story as she cut and tied pieces. She pinned it to the work wall for the picture.

Much conversation came out of our time together & our friendship deepened. It was a good afternoon.

• creating at the table with sari fabric, ribbons, metallic effect threads, organza, shiny metallic fabrics
• the finished story rope

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