Tuesday, August 16, 2011


My art buddy, Pat Butler, came over today-fresh up from Hot-lanta which has cooled off like it has up here!

When we get together it is a non-stop download of: sketchbooks, tags, photos, cross collages, books, new postcards, hearing about latest travels & art team leading - this time into the world of graffiti in Hungary, updates on Om & GEM & how is so & so and on & on!!!

Good thing she is coming back in another week before she leaves to go back home. We didn't have time to cover it all!

• looking at collage materials & thinking about possibilities.

• tags !!! labels !!!
Some years back, I shared the idea of tags as a surface to create on. Pat has since taken the idea and run with it! Several years ago it was lino block printing on the tags. This year she created a creative slide of tags inspired by her world view! Many of the collage materials were found on her trip. Totally a WOW!

Pat's awesome sketch book! She is a writer & she can draw!!! On many pages words are incorporated into the art work. On the left side is the graffiti design one of the ArtsLink participants came up with.

I made 2 videos of Pat talking about her sketchbooks last spring in my studio. One of these days I'll get the video clips into IMovie to share with you.


  1. I love the picture of your work room here. It brings back such good memories. There have been so many memories made in this room.

  2. What a blitzkrieg of a day that was!!! Look forward to Round 2!