Monday, August 15, 2011


Last year my friend, Marjie McCandless, came over to see my quilts & studio. I sent her home inspired with 2 giant bags of African fabrics.

Last week we met up at the 2 day Leadership Summit. She told me about the quilts she made with the fabrics. "Please! Tomorrow bring the quilt you still have & I'll put it on my blog!"

Marjie's daughter, Kate, spent a year in South Africa as an assistant to the house mom at an orphanage with 12 "Little Kids". Out of that experience comes Marjie's quilt story:

"It was a world view changing, upside-down world turning, foundation building, heart enlarging and spirit engaging year.

We all discoverd SKYPE and communcated often. Kate would place the computer at the dinner table and we would sit with the "Little Kids" get to know their names and what they liked and who they were.

The quilt shows 12 beautiful
rescued children with happy button faces. Above them is the source of the rescue the heart of the God who so loved and poured his spirit of grace and love upon them.

Quilting has been a part of me for 19 years. It was my expression of the creativity inside me ---- colors, textiles, shape and design ---- a visual combination from inside.

After I met you (Marge) another dimension burst into the dynamic. What was my spirit saying? To quilt from that expression - to quilt with spirit was as an expression of worship."


  1. I love the story. What a happy making quilt. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Thank you, Gerda! You are vey welcome! Marjie made 4 of these beautiful quilts. One for her daughter and 3 others for the 3 families that lovingly & graciously supported her daughter's year in Africa.