Thursday, February 3, 2011


or reorganize. Whichever. Whatever. I can't move ahead on this project in the middle of a messy workspace!!

With snowy sky & landscape pasted down, I'm ready to venture into the next design phase of the snow book project.

So yes, today I had to reorganize. Straightening, sorting, putting away, clearing the decks is good for the creative thought process ahead - at least for me.

I set aside the snow fabrics and brought out boxes of painted papers. Playing with house shapes tomorrow. This will be fun!

Top 2 photos are the before and 3rd is cleaned up & ready set for tomorrow morning.

click on photos to enlarge


  1. You are SO into minimalism, my friend. I see empty shelves, a clear floor, SPACE! Wow.
    I'm the same way. When my studio gets too cluttered I have to stop and clear it out so the visual clutter disappears and I can focus better on the job at hand. Of course my studio is never as clutter-free as yours.

  2. That's me! MINIMAL!
    !On my to do list I put down - go though whole house in the spring!