Saturday, February 12, 2011


I've been slowly working my way from complicated to minimal. Minimal was where I wanted to be years ago but it took years of artmaking to get here. It's been a long process.

17 years ago I designed the Creation Quilt. Still a favorite of many, some have called it my signature piece. Busy, busy busy...filled top to bottom & side to side with imagery. So glad I took a year to make this quilt but I've moved towards minimal ever since!

Currently I'm working on the snow book. Yesterday I drew hilly lines with machine stitches. Studying those stitches this morning.... I had to remove them! Too busy!

There is a quiet beauty in simplicity. Less is more..for me these days.

2nd photo - playing with minimal page design.


  1. Oh Marge, the two images so beautifully represent your journey - and my own. The first part of life spent accumulating, the second part spent clearing out, giving away, reducing to what is essential. For me, 65 years to understand "minimal" and to appreciate simplicity. The Beatles had it right - Love is all you NEED!

  2. Oh Marie-we are so on the same page with this!!!! I have the itch to go through my house once again-every nook and cranny to go through and make calls on keeping, pitching or giving away. Living leanly is so much better for the soul as we get older-less to take care of and time to concentrate on the important stuff. YES!!!!