Saturday, February 19, 2011


I moved Filomena De Andrade Booth's painting in the grand re-mix of art at our place. I'm enjoying her Golden Pastures in a new location. (lower photo)

I went to college with Filomena, where we were both art education majors. Years later when we met on FB, I discovered an accomplished painter. Some months passed by and I bought this wonderful painting by Fil.

I love the oranges in this piece and the fields remind me of blocks of colorful quilt design.

Fil features her work on the web, the way I bought this piece. She has beautiful work posted.

(Top photo-my quilt, Window of Hope, to the left.)


  1. I like Filomena's piece so well and your book works very well on the shelf below. Both of the pieces are enhanced by the beautiful white space that's your home.

  2. Thanks Jo. It is always a design challenge to remix the art work at our place. I do enjoy it. And yes, I do love white space!
    Fil is a great painter-I am so impressed!