Monday, December 13, 2010


The Creation quilt has been around the world: New Zealand, China, Australia, Nigeria, South Korea & even to this region of Asia a few years ago. But this was my first time to share it in this country. It was the first of three quilts I brought to show.

People love looking at this quilt - there's so much to discover. It pictures the Creation narrative from Genesis 1 in seven horizontal bands. Here I'm story telling through a translator.

Photos I took of the region's barren landscape & fruit at the bazaar remind me of the words describing day 3 in the Creation account:

And God said, "...let the dry land appear."And it was so.

Then God said, "Let the dry land produce vegetation ... trees on the land that bear fruit..." And it was so.

To see the Creation quilt click here.


  1. Wonderful !
    I feel like a little kid at story time, eagerly wondering and imagining what comes next!

  2. Brilliant... it's just brilliant to create these quilts as visual aids to tell Bible stories. I stand amazed.

  3. thank you Jo! And glad you are enjoying the stories. More ahead...stay tuned!