Thursday, December 16, 2010


Going to take you on a little trip across the quilt in this post. Took some close-ups today.

The first 3 mahalla homes are about the process toward hope. With so much domestic violence in the home, it is a pretty dark place. The entire family is affected. We heard the stories. Pretty hopeless. A dead tree and blackness in the home.

The red and white windows are about the possibility of change. Someone does care. A home full of peace & love is possible. The tree sprouts new growth. We met people who had experienced this, filled with hope and a radiance about them.

The turquoise door is still the power & protector color but the power is from a different source. The dead snake is an important part of that story.

The grape arbor is about 'fruit' that grows with change - love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, patience, self control.

We added a little velcroed fox, making the quilt interactive. They loved it! The fox could come steal the fruit so one must be vigilant.

The final three homes are about community. The golden lines suggest neighbor visiting neighbor - a sense of healthy community. It is an encouraging place to live. People in this neighborhood share the fruit with the people struggling in the dark house.

Of the three, this was the favorite
quilt in each group. Their comments tomorrow.

Hope in the Mahalla
art quilt by m.malwitz
hand dye fabrics; atlas fabric from the region; buttons, beads; metallic effect thread; sequins; rubber stamps.


  1. Just love this quilt and the explanation.

  2. thanks Marcia. Yes, it has alot in it to talk about.