Tuesday, June 4, 2013

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON What's In Your Heart?

What's In Your Heart was the title of the teaching Marcia did with the heart pillow.  A close friend of mine developed and used the idea in cross-cultural work. We too have traveled together with my art.

Since then it's been used by Cathy in Peru (link to see how) and by Marcia in Cameroon and other far away countries.  

Teaching creatively, using visuals, speaks to the heart much more effectively than simply talking through a lesson.  Both Cathy and Marcia took this idea and have taught it in slightly different ways. As their mentor of sorts, I've been blessed seeing them creatively making it their own!

In the presentation, objects are pulled out of the heart pillow. These represent issues that have a grip on a woman holding her back from walking free and unburdened: generational sin; greed; love of money; misogyny; idea that beauty will save you; the hold of drugs or alcohol; worry; depression and others.

After the objects and issues are talked about one by one...then what?...
• toy mice-worry that 'nibbles' away, wearing you down, becoming all-consuming. • black rik-rak- representing Satan's schemes, evil or witchcraft. 

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