Saturday, February 18, 2012


I was inspired to start a new series with squares and possibly circles within those squares. The finished pieces would fit into IKEA frames. Can selling possibly be on the horizon? Good plan.

I started this project the other day. I was using my stash of painted papers. The last step I did (not shown) was machine stitch around each square.

Then I decided, no. This is not where I want to be going with this new series.

That happens. It's OK. Let it go. Sometimes the creative process works this way.

The stitched squares wound up in the painted paper box and will no doubt be used in one of the workshops in my studio.

A new plan is on the horizon. I'm stocking up on level 3 acrylics this week. A full range of colors for this colorist!

Painting papers is just ahead. And then on to a new series I think you'll like.

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