Sunday, February 19, 2012

RECHARGING CREATIVITY blog headers 21-25

5 experiences recharging my creative batteries - continuing the blog header series.

visiting my friend, Jo Reimer's studio
Jo has a blog & her latest post is about reorganizing her studio click
A trip to another artists studio is always inspiring!

sorting through my fabric & finding fabrics I forgot I had.

participating in Sketchbook Project 2011 put on by Brooklyn Art Library, NYC
reading my sketchbook Rain click

a big accordion book full of colorful images set up on studio ledge

a trip to the seashore is always good for clearing the head & coming up with new design ideas & approaches.


  1. YOu've got a lot going on there, looove the beautiful accordion book. Yummy colours!

  2. Yes-lots going on - on my blog-I sure do love color as you will see if you poke around :-)
    Thanks for commenting. Write again, iHanna