Thursday, July 28, 2011


My friend, called to ask if she could bring her family over, visiting from India & Florida. Of course!

I brought out the big National Geographic Atlas and located where each is from in India. We eventually made it up to the studio where I shared the Creation quilt, they discoved their language in the design of For God So Loved & of course they wanted to see the story ropes having heard so much about them from Mina.

That called for telling my story. I brought out the suffering collages to show, as I told about the dark pieces of fabric on my story rope - my long dark depression.

Much conversation up in the studio. Before leaving, I gave them postcards of the quilts - enough to share with their friends back home. I love these women from India & feel so rich with all my friends from around the world.


  1. God has a new adventure for you every week!

  2. So much is going on! More coming down the pike!