Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I developed the story rope in Rwanda as a way for genocide survivors to process their stories. Since then I've taught many how to use it in their cross-cultural work. Most recent 'how-to' requests have come from people wanting to use it in India, Uganda & Australia. Pat Butler & I partnered in making this video to share the process.
'How to make a Story Rope' http://vimeo.com/26931171
Please let me know where in the world you are making story ropes & I'll put a pin in that spot on a world map. You can contact me in the comment area.


  1. This is incredible, Marge and Pat. As you know I've loved the idea of the story rope from the moment you mentioned it... what an incredibly healing process for men and women anywhere. It's great to see it demonstrated and explained from Pat's perspective as she builds her own rope. I hope you intend to allow open use of this video or a similar one. I can see it used in churches to train others in the use of the story rope as an avenue to healing.
    Thank you for doing this.

  2. yes-that is the idea-the video is open use for the whole world to see and do! so many applications!!!!
    Thank you for your encouragement!

  3. Marge, vimeo is down now so I can't view the video on story ropes. But I am thinking this might be good for my social justice work I do with the karen refugees that some from my church see on sundays. Is language a barrier? PS - I will check back later to see if the video is available for viewing.

  4. I just tried vimeo and it worked. HMMMMM. I wonder what the problem was/is for you getting it. Definitely would be just awesome with refugees. You'd have to have a translator if they don't speak english but this works with any culture. Get back to me after you see it and let me know if you can't get it up.

  5. Hi Marge - I did view the video. Wonderful. I will run this by the leader of my group. She will no doubt love it! I will get back to you. The young children speak some english, but the parents do not. I will have to figure something out.

  6. glad it worked. Yes-keep me posted - I want to know how this works out.
    so glad you are inspired to try it.