Friday, July 30, 2010


Good natural light in my studio today. Added rubber stamped palm trees & a bicycle + 2 more hills. Glue - Yes paste applied with brush.

Stitched on more metallic effect blue thread - waves. With machine stitching, trapped magenta sequins (tidepool anemones) under netting at edge of the sea.

Fray Blocked ends of metalic thread. Freezer paper protects collage.
Going Green in California Working title

A collage in the ongoing series inspired by sunny southern California.

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  1. Marge, this entry gives a non-artist (me) unanticipated insight into the physical process of your collage. The "trapped magenta sequins" remind me of a favorite picture book, "Twelve Days of Summer" - each verse ends with "a little purple sea anemone". Imagine turning loose in the library a kindergarten class with some purple sequins, paper, and glue!