Friday, July 9, 2010


June 29th! What an extraordinary day, walking in & around Philip Johnson's Glass House in New Canaan CT.

I seem to first recall discovering this amazing piece of architecture in college on a page of Jansen's History of Art.

Built in 1949, it is study in minimal structure, geometry, proportion and the effects of transparency & reflection.

In 1997 it was declared a National Historic Landmark. Following Johnson's death at 98, the property passed to the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Though it opened to the public in April 2007, the tickets have been very hard to come by! Finally this year the heavy booking slowed down.

Afterwards, I felt compelled to do a little creating, 4 simple pieces, inspired by my encounter with the Glass House. Here's 3.

Glass House no.2-3 Watercolor pencils, ink, acetate, & machine stitching.

Glass House no.4 Acrylic painted papers, rubber stamps, fabric, acetate, & machine stitching.

c. Marge Malwitz

Want to visit the Glass House?

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