Saturday, April 10, 2010

What Happens When We Meet

Pat Butler describes what happens when we three art friends* meet:

Eruptions, explosions, synergism, complicity, like-minded souls, laughter, brainstorms, inspiration, creativity, white space of unbounded time, zero judgment, mutual encouragement to press into the growing edges of our ideas, our creativity, our faith, meals together on the warm reds of Marge’s handmade tablecloths or on the deck, meals as eclectic as corn on the cob, taco soup or paella, freedom to create together, uncaged, unleashed…investigating blogspots, books, websites…taking notes, taking notes, taking notes…photographing EVERYTHING…a three-fold cord is not quickly broken…the whole greater than the sum of its parts…the birthing of ideas, new mediums…

Currently the 3 of us are exhibiting our artwork in PORTS OF COLOR, at the Shalom Cafe, Bloomfield, CT.

PHOTO *Martha Campbell, Pat Butler in center, & Marge hanging out in the studio.


  1. What a wondeful description of your creative friendship and the energy you bounce off of each other...I know how this feels, as my friends and I have that same oneness...ain't girlfriends the best thing since chocolate!

  2. thanks Kath-appreciate you reading and writing! this blogging is like shooting stuff into space and wondering -is anyone out there!
    And yes-better than chocolate!